Puzzle jigsaw - Animals

glove, Glasses, cat, HEADPHONES
Fox, ginger
Border Collie, heather, lying
grass, Plants, Border Collie, rime
railway, ##, sitter, Border Collie
robin, birdies
crossing, Bird, duck
Sea Turtles, cave, Aloha State Hawaje, Great Sunsets, Pacific Ocean
Meadow, Spring, Dogs, Flowers, Border Collie
apples, cat
Eyes, owl
Colourfull Flowers, Rain, humming-bird
Australian Shepherd, grass, trees
Toucan, branch, Bird
Border Collie, Leaf, lying
jump, dog, winter, forest
Sky, portrait, giraffe
heather, muzzle, lying, Border Collie
small, cat, White and Black
mouth, toy, Puppy
Pink, branch, blue, Flower, Bird
dragon-fly, wings, Insect
Fossa, the sleeping
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