Puzzle jigsaw - Funny

Funny, holiday, eggs, starfish, Beaches
doll, story, Masha and the Bear, pilot
small, twine, play, kitten
dog, water, Funny, Swims
Pigs, wall
Telephone, Glasses, cat, Selfie, poodle
Two cars, Beer, hats, Dogs
Elephant, Funny, race, Greyhound, track
Zebra, Smile
funny, lemur
thread, ants, button
Table, cat, plate
dog, Work, Knitting Needles, Glasses
Glasses, Funny, motor-bike, helmet, German Shepherd
Bathroom, girl
Snowman, Beaches, Glasses, sea, Hat, Sand
Glasses, dog, wine glass, Champagne, glove, pug
shark, girl, water
chimpanzee, Funny
cat, Glasses, glove, HEADPHONES
Piece of Furniture, raft, water, fish, men
squirrel, nuts, Funny, basket
tooth, girl, Doors
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