Latest puzzle jigsaw

Kid, Plants, box
trees, apple-tree, Pink, fruit, Flowers
Bokeh, Close, snail, physalis bloated
Red, Leaf, Maple Palm
black background, Irish Terrier
lake, Mountains, dog, Stones, Alpine Dutch
Flowers, Pink, Briar, plant
wander, dog, girl, trees, Golden Retriever, Fance, Path
Sofa, Armchair, saloon, burner chimney
trees, rocks, Fog, stream, viewes, mossy
Stones, Mountains, trees, River, The United States, State of California, viewes, Yosemite National Park
candles, birthday, Cake
Pillow, Bench, cat, Radgoll
buildings, Feeds, Rivers, Netherlands, Bikes, Amsterdam
ginger, snow, Fox
Bush, Flowers, dog
text, flakes, Mother's Day, roses
buildings, canal, Netherlands, bridge, Amsterdam
Great Sunsets, San Diego, sea, The United States, Stones, State of California
warrior, sword, girl
Stone, conifer, squirrel
Jaguars, Two cars
railing, muzzle, dog, Border Collie
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